Mayland  Regatta

Molly your rover reporter here again with the latest race reports.

A busy weekend with sailing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday saw few takers as the sailors all went shopping at Aldi to earn some brownie points. It used to be green shield stamps but those days are gone, or so I am told.

Sunday saw the big event, no not Sunday night at the London Palladium with the tiller girls (beats pans people all ends up, or so I am told) but the annual Two Island race around Osea Island and Northy. Abandoning the normal figure of 8 track the course was Goldhanger port, osea port, northy port, mundon green one starboard, jetty. With a blustery breeze everybody went for safety, Mark and Toeknee went full rake, martin (Ronnie) Tarling went radial and the Merlin went wobble wobble. The Maylandsea Massive put the big guns out, Paul Gray in his fetching nail varnish red Kestrel and a veritable navy of sandhoppers. To counteract this Harlow sent out Malcy and Roof in their newly acquired Hawk and Geoff "lucky boy" Kent in his solo. The long arduous beat to Goldhanger saw the fleet split either side of the creek. With the romford navy to scared to venture out, stansgate side paid off best. First round goldhanger was the fireball of Mark and "Ballast" Toeknee, they were followed by the kestrel and then the bunfight. Neill "handsome" Clark was tailed by Victoria with Martin in not so close pursuit with the merlin a bit further back. A long long beat then followed punctuated with the oft heard call from the merlin of "SIT STILL" With the fireball and kestrel out of sight the three lasers and the merlin had a tacking duel back up past northey and osea. Victoria (the youngest of the bunch by a country mile) was the first to tire and drop back. So with a combined age of approx, 212years, the others fought on. Neil "Handsome" Clark (thats him in the photo by the way, no not the furry one) held off the merlin until the last 852.5 yards (or so I'm told). After the race "Ballast" Toeknee showed everyone his recorded heartrate captured by his latest fancy watch. Going by the graph it looked like he slept all the way round or needs a couple of AA's in it.

Monday racing there was no wind so it was rubbish.

Posted here by the request of Johnny "boy" Wilmot is a picture of my predecessor and Boy's favourite dog, the late lamented Wilfy.

Molly your rover reporter signing off

ps Haven't got a clue what happened to the others.

3rd & 4th Summer Points

This sunday saw two more of the summer points races being held.

The late start meant that some of the more senior sailors were safely tucked up in bed after an exhausting game of bingo. With the absence of any fast boats and only three doublehanders taking to the water the races became a laser vs solo affair. Team laser fielded all their big hitters plus keith gilmore.

The Tarling brothers (aka Ron and Reggie), dad of Annabelle, Rob Laurie, Victoria, and the Maylandsea Massive were chomping at the laser bit. The solos on the other hand fielded a weakened team of Ron (crash and burn) Laurie, Malcolm X, Ian (Enders) Henderson and Tailend Charlie Ron. The wind blew like the breath out of an asthmatic tortoise and it was race on.

The lasers quickly disappeared leaving the solos to struggle valiantly but hopelessly on. Tail end Charlie protected the rear of the formation from the continued attacks of the ME109 laser of Ann Dyson successfully shooting her down finally at Jetski Creek. Race two saw a cameo appearence from Johnny (Boy) Wilmot to bolster the laser fleet.

Again the the lasers provided the vanguard leaving the solos to fight it out amongst themselves. An exciting finish was provided though by Martin (Reggie) Tarling and Dad of Annabel Rob Laurie with Reggie managing to get the front 12inches of his boat over the line first. Celebrations were short lived though as Victoria (who has been sailing magnificently so far this year) crossed close behind in her radial to probably take victory.

So the racing has been tight with any lapse of concentration being punished severely. Next weekend sees the two island Race, will the fast boys stop sulking and come out to play? Will the solos get their revenge? All will be revealed next week. As for the doublehanders, to be honest by then I was thinking about the squirrels over the park.